Application Procedure

Before beginning the application process, please carefully confirm the latest information on this site. There may be language qualifications or selection examinations depending on universities, please confirm application information to your coordinator in advance.


Preparing application documents
Please complete application documents after reading through all of Precaution.
All of necessary documents will be downloaded from the following list.
*All documents must be written in English or Japanese and be unified A4 size.


Please submit the application documents through your home university institution’s coordinator in charge of Exchange Program.
*Application documents received after the deadline may not be accepted.
*It is not necessary to mail the submitted documents by an E-mail.
*Only ‘Face photos’ must be original. Please submit them by a mail.

Starting Time Period for Application
September, 2021 (Fall Semester) April 1st, 2021 ~ April 30th, 2021
April, 2022 (Spring Semester) October 1st, 2021 ~ October 31th, 2021

Application Procedure

  Application Documents Format How to submit Note
1 Mukogawa Women’s University
Exchange Program Application Checklist
PDF E-mail Please use this checklist to monitor the current progress of your application and turn it in to your coordinator to be sent to MWU.
2 Mukogawa Women’s University
Exchange Program Application Form
3 Essay of Reasons for Study at MWU PDF  
4 Medical Examination Report PDF Please submit a Medical Examination (including the chest X-ray) .
5 Application for Certificate of Eligibility (CoE) xlsx It is unnecessary to attach a face photo.
6 Application for Mukogawa Women’s University Exchange Program Scholarship PDF Applicants cannot receive MWU scholarship during Exchange Program in case other scholarship will be provided at the same time.
7 Consent of Rules & Promise
for life in the dormitory
PDF If you understand the dormitory rule, please have your signature of the form.
8 Official Transcript PDF Statement should be issued by the applicant’s home institution only.
9 Copy of Japanese Test Certificate PDF Please submit the copy of Certificate of any kinds of Japanese tests if an applicant has.
10 1 Recommendation Letter PDF Statement should be issued by a faculty of the applicant’s home institution only.
11 Certificate of Bank Balance PDF  
12 Photocopy of Passport PDF The full ID page of the passport is required.
※Please apply for a new passport immediately if your passport is not valid during Exchange Program.
13 3 Face photos for ID (3cm×4cm) Original Photos Mail Face photos should fulfill the specifications mentioned on the website below.
Immigration Bureau
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