Student Life(English)


Campus Facilities

Central Library

At the center of the main campus is the Central Library, which was refurbished in 2013. It consists of six stories and one basement, which are filled with approximately 640,000 books and has more than 1,716 seats available. It opens at 9 am until 9:30 pm during regular semesters, which encourages students’ learning.

Library Café
Lounge / Theater Room
Life Design Studio
Information retrieval services
Active Learning Studio
Global Studio

Koe Memorial Hall

On the main campus is the grand Koe Memorial Hall with its great acoustics and 2,430 seats. It hosts multiple formal ceremonies, such as the annual entrance ceremony and graduation ceremony, as well as school festivals and concerts hosted by School of Arts.

Campus View Corner

Multi Media Building

The Multi Media Building contains the majority of the computer rooms and is home to students in the Informatics and Mediology Department. Students can use CG editing systems, such as Chroma key composition in Studio M+ located in the basement. On the first floor is the International Center, where MWU students and exchange students can interact with each other. It also provides students with the opportunity to meet recruiters from various companies on the second floor.

Gymnasium No.1

Students can enjoy swimming throughout the year in the heated pool located on the first floor of this building. It also has dance rooms on the third floor and courts for volleyball and basketball on the fourth.

Gymnasium No.2

This building has two large atria; one is a gymnastic room, which is especially designed for gymnastic clubs, and the other is an arena on the top floor which is used for various purposes.

Gymnasium No.3

The handball court is located here, as well as shower rooms.


This 44,200 ㎡ large stadium hosts club activities and field sports and has various facilities including grounds accessible in any weather, and night lights. The stands hold 3,400 people.

Budokan and Tennis Court

Budokan, a martial arts stadium, was completed in 2015. It is used for teacher training and club activities. It also connects MWU and local communities together through sporting events.

Campus Store and Bookstore

Campus Store

Location: Gymnasium No.1 Annex, Central Campus
Weekday 8:40 am~5:00 pm
Saturday 8:40 am~1:30 pm
Students can purchase university necessities here, like stationery, clothes, stamps, and post cards. Students can purchase items which feature MWU’s mascot, Lavy, here as well.

Kinokuniya Bookstore

Location: Gymnasium No.1 Annex, Central Campus
Weekday 8:40 am~5:00 pm
Saturday 8:40 am~1:30 pm
Various books, magazines, and textbooks are available here. Students can get a 5% discount with a credit card payment. Students can also apply for public tests here.

Family Mart

Location: Crysteria 3rd floor, Central Campus
Weekday 8:00 am~8:00 pm
Saturday 8:00 am~6:00 pm
With 70 eat-in seats available, Family Mart is one of the most popular places to eat lunch on this campus. It is also convenient for students who study until late evening on campus.

Café & Dining on Campus

Dining Hall Azalea

Location: Koe Memorial Hall Basement floor 1st level, Central Campus
Weekday 11:00 am~1:30 pm
Saturday 11:00 am~1:30 pm

Hana SAKU-Crysteria

Location: Crysteria 2rd floor, Central Campus
Weekday 10:00 am~2:30 pm

MM Café

Location: Multi Media Building 3rd floor, Central Campus
Weekday 10:30 am~3:00 pm
Saturday 10:30 am~1:30 pm


Location: Crysteria 1st floor, Central Campus
Weekday 9:45 am~5:00 pm
Saturday 9:45 am~3:30 pm


Location: Koe memorial building 1st floor, Central Campus
8:30 am~5:00 pm


Location: Koe memorial building 1st floor, Central Campus
11:00 am~5:00 pm

Cafeteria-Hama-Koshien Campus

Location: Experiment Practice Building 1st floor, Hama-Koshien Campus
Weekday 8:30 am~10:00am / 11:00 am~1:30 pm
Saturday 11:00am~1:30 pm

Cafeteria-Koshien Hall

Location: Koshien Hall 1st floor, Kami Koshien Campus
Café-Weekday 10:00 am~2:30 pm
Lunch-Weekday 11:00 am~2:30 pm

Student Life Support

Health Support Center

Location: Multi Media Building 1st floor, Central Campus
This center aims to support students’ healthy university lives. Students can ask for help with concerns related to health, including mental health.

MWU Clinic

Location: Multi Media Building 1st floor, Central Campus
This on-campus clinic is designated as an authorized medical institution. In addition to regular medical care, students can receive vaccinations including flu shots, as well as medical tests. Students can reserve these services at the Health Support Center.

Student Counseling Center

Location: Institute Building 2nd floor, Central Campus
Laboratory Control Building 1st floor, Hama Koshien Campus
Licensed clinical psychologists are available for consultation regarding any concerns related to university life, including methods of studying, health, and relationships. This center supports students by providing a relaxing space for all students and hosts an event called “Sawayaka hour”, in which any students can join.

Student Support Department

Academic Affairs Section

Staff members help students with their class registration, exams, and evaluations, as well as issuing certificates.

Student Affairs Section

Provides support related to student ID, scholarships, and housing.

International Center

Students who seek to join study abroad programs can get support here. Also, it hosts multiple intercultural events with exchange students and privides supports students’ foreign language stadies.

Education Center

Supports students who are seeking to become teachers.

Career Center

Students can ask for help with their career decision-making here.

Department of Integrated  Information system

Students can ask for help with any issues related to computers here. Staff members help with the computerization of MWU’s education and manage all the Internet networks on campus.

Health Support Center

Supports students’ health through medical check-ups or counseling.

Student Counseling Center

This center provides support for mental health in student life through consultations and group programs, etc.

Tanrei Center

This recreational campus is located in Kobe.

Tokyo Center

Supports students who seek a job in Tokyo. Staffs are there to provide support for students’ job hunting in Tokyo.

Mukojo Enterprise

Offers students any items needed for their university lives.

Student Support Office

Students can come to this office and ask any questions or requests for help. If students have any concerns or any questions about MWU campus, they are welcome here.

Club Activities

By working in groups, club activities help cultivate students’ independence and communication skills, both of which are needed in society. MWU has various clubs from sports club to art clubs. This lifetime experience at MWU is meant to enhance the students’ future.

Sports Clubs

Specialty or designated clubs

Competitive skiing
Rhythmic gymnastics

Other clubs

Aerobics dance

Conditioning Research

Soft tennis

Japanese Dance


Shaolin Kung Fu

Table tennis




Touch Football

Baton and Cheerleading


Art Clubs

Japanese traditional flower arrangement
Japanese traditional tea ceremony
Band music
Japanese harp

Sign language

Hand crafts

Brass band



Drama club

Children and picture books research

Food and nutrition research



Child welfare research



Manga research

Youth Hostel Club



Chinese Medicine

Weight training

Teacher networking


Certified Student Society


MWU competitive Karuta

Dive in Blue (MukoJo division)

Student Committees

MWU Committee

MWU Committee is the biggest student committee in MWU, consisting of all MWU students, whose number reaches more than 10,000. It has various smaller committees which support student university life.

General Committee

Consists of representatives elected from each department. This committee hosts events, such as blood donations and Christmas illumination.

Public Welfare Committee

Along with the motto, “錦上添花 (extra special)”, this committee aims to make students’ university lives more comfortable.

Art Club Committee

Consists of representatives from each art club. This group organizes various fun events or activities, including holding seminars and publishing advertising brochure, “Smile”.

Art Festival Committee

Organizes the biggest festival in autumn, MWU School Festival. This school festival has lots of fun contents which are unique to a women’s university.

Sports Clubs Committee

Organizes various seminars related to sports, including a marine sports seminar and a winter sports seminar.
This group hosts friendly matches with teams from other universities, associating with the Sports Center.

Sports Festival Committee

Consists of representatives from each department and club and organizes the annual sports festival.

Certified Volunteer Groups

Student Public Relations Staff “La chouette”

Reports the latest news about MWU, as well as other activities, such as making brochures, managing websites, and organizing events. Students from various departments work together and get experience as reporters.

Student Support Staff

Helps students who need assistance on campus. This group also makes brochures which encourage students to be aware of diseases and disabilities.

Brown Rice Volunteers (Bura☆Bora)

Advertises Brown Rice Week and help by developing brown rice menus, organizing events, and being associated with UN WEP.

(Student Career Supporters)

S.C.S. is a career support program offered by students to students. This group organizes events such as company tours, where participants and student staff develop career knowledge.

(Mukogawa English Community)

Mukogawa English Community (MEC) is a volunteer group which aims to cultivate practical skills of language or understanding of multicultural society. As part of this program, students assist children who have roots in other countries, participate in events held by NPOs, work as translators at international sports events, or join any volunteer programs related to international life.

Mirai-juku Student staff “Aoi”

Sports Center Student

Coordinates various activities, including organizing events related to sports, designing original MWU goods, and collecting data for the school newspaper.


International students are strongly recommended to stay at our dormitory below.

Address 1-1-1 Higashinaruo-cho, Nishinomiya, Hyogo, 663-8132 Japan
Access Central Campus:4-minute walk
Hama-Koshien Campus:20-minute walk
Kami-Koshien Campus:15-minute by bicycle
Room Type Single Room
Capacity 101 students
Fee International Student(year) Exchange Student(month)
Entering dormitory fee JPY150,000 Room fee JPY495,000
Room fee JPY594,000
Purchasing expense for disaster prevention storable multifunctional products. JPY10,000
Total JPY754,000
・Entering dormitory fee is required only when you first enter the dormitory.
・Fees may be changed due to specific reasons.
・Room fee includes Internet service fee. Meals are not included.
・We ask new comers to pay for emergency kit along with room fee on the first month.
・Meals can be provided if requested via a dedicated app at least two days in advance. Pay as you go with QR code payment.
Room Facilities desk, bed, closet, air conditioner, free Wi-Fi
Common Facilities coin laundry, vacuum cleaner, iron, sewing machine, refrigerator, microwave, toaster, rice cooker, electric piano, TV, DVD player, simple kitchen, bath, individual shower, air conditioner, electric fan, Internet connection computer
Remarks No smoking, No Alcohol, No parties, No visitors
In front of the dormitory building
Single room
Living room
Powder room

Panoramic View

Enjoy Teiwa-Ryo from all angles

Panoramic View

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